Diversity & Inclusion at Montagu

Montagu recognises the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we are committed to providing an environment in which each employee is recognised, valued, able to fulfill their potential and maximise their contribution.

We appreciate the value and creative potential that individuals of different backgrounds and abilities bring. We work hard to ensure equitable treatment in all aspects of working life and an inclusive and supportive culture where differing views and experiences are respected. We firmly believe that such a  culture significantly enhances our ability to provide a quality service to our clients.

Attracting a diverse pool of talent

To attract the best talent, Montagu uses direct recruitment and third-party recruiters. Our direct recruitment, utilising platforms such as LinkedIn and 2to3Days, enables us to reach high-quality candidates outside our traditional networks.

When engaging with third-party recruiters, we only work with organisations who share our firm commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we request diverse candidate shortlists and candidate searches across a wide range of non-traditional talent pools. When we do receive less diverse shortlists, we carry out analysis to understand the root causes and improve recruitment approaches without introducing any discrimination.

During the recruitment process, Montagu uses structured interviews and job-sample tests to assist with the removal of any unconscious bias during selection, mixing competency assessments with the use of cognitive and/or psychometric assessments to aid decision making.

Our people are core to our success. Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is imperative to challenging ourselves and driving value for all our stakeholders.

Cathy Clifford, HR Director


Each year Montagu requires all employees to attend Dignity at Work training to ensure a comprehensive understanding of responsibilities.  Furthermore, Montagu has introduced  Unconscious Bias training for all line managers. 

We are also determined to support new parents through our maternity and paternity leave pay policy, and actively promote senior leaders to take parental leave. In addition, all employees have access to My Family Care, an initiative that provides backup childcare and dependent care, a parental leave toolkit, as well as practical support, advice, and information.

Montagu provides external support for minority groups through memberships of Level 20 and  Out Investors.

Supporting the portfolio

Montagu continuously engages with its portfolio companies on diversity and inclusion topics, including relevant policies, gender and/or ethnicity pay gaps, and monitoring of KPIs. To find out more, please follow this link Diversity & Inclusion.