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Driving Growth

Working together towards the same vision

Montagu brings proven growth capabilities to help companies achieve their ambitions and unlock the full potential of their business. We call it Full Potential Partnership.

We work with management to establish and deliver the right value creation initiatives for each business, built around 7 core levers.

Sales execution

Transforming sales execution capabilities using a repeatable best practice framework supported by the right technology

Review of go-to-market strategy, key account management, sales operations support, and other key sales topics conducted as part of every plan

Driving growth of over 30% during our investment period

New products and services

Driving growth through innovation

Our companies invest more on average in research & development after investment than before

Supporting companies to focus on what will sell and to commercialise existing ideas for new products and services

New geographies

Delivering established capabilities into new markets

Building new operations and go-to-market approaches for European businesses starting operations in North America and Asia

Helped more than 10 companies enter brand new markets over the last two funds


Developing technology that delivers better value to customers and makes the world work better

Getting the most out of data, robotics and automation, increasing customer value, and making operations smarter

Navigating new digital channels and cutting edge service delivery

Operational improvement

Enhancing daily management through attention to detail and empowering people to improve processes

Improving efficiency and driving scalability

Over half of our investments become more cost-efficient as they grow


Building new standalone businesses to accelerate growth

26 successful carve-outs since 2002

49% realised gross IRR and 2.7x realised MoM across 19 exits


Deep experience in both transformative and add-on acquisitions

Over 100 portfolio buy and build strategies executed in the past 3 years

Supporting management teams to develop their own M&A capabilities

Hear from our portfolio

A Supportive Partner

The most important requirement for me was a supportive partner – one that would work alongside the management team to help Janes realise its full potential, and in Montagu we’ve found the most supportive and collaborative partner I could have hoped for.

Our partners at Montagu are there to listen and discuss whenever we need tactical, strategic or financial support, and I can honestly say that we’ve received more support and investment in our business in the first four months of our partnership than we have in the last ten years.

We’re still at an early stage in our private equity adventure, but I already know that Montagu are the ideal partner for Janes.

Blake Bartlett

CEO, Janes

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Unlocking our potential

Montagu helped us to unlock our full potential and make the next step. Straight from the start of our partnership in 2017, Montagu, jointly with our management team, developed and implemented a growth strategy that leveraged our strong market position in Germany.

Since then, we have doubled our Asset Base while also complementing the service offering for our clients by completing a number of focussed, strategic acquisitions.

Katja Müller

Chief Customer Officer, Universal-Investment

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Investing in growth

Montagu has really helped us navigate the complex path from an SME to a medium-sized multi-national organisation operation in 7 different geographies. Since 2018 we have not only nearly doubled our revenues and EBITDA but we have also increased our headcount significantly.

Oliver Tucker 

CEO, Wireless Logic

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Montagu’s global reach made the difference

The strategy for CliniSys was always to build a global provider of laboratory information systems.  With Montagu’s support, we built sales and EBITDA momentum by growing our core UK business and developing a new footprint in Germany.   

We won a number of major NHS contracts, which increased our market share in the UK and also expanded into Europe through M&A in the acquisition of MCS-LDS in Germany.  Acquiring MCS-LDS enabled us to develop products to support the future developments of laboratories and their services.  

Montagu’s knowledge of and presence in the local German market really made a difference during our negotiations with MCS-LDS and ultimately helped us complete this deal.

Fiona Pearson

Former CEO, CliniSys

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Building a trust-based partnership

I have known Montagu for 18 years now and our relationship is founded on trust and the confidence that they will deliver the deal they say that they will and that they will be an investor focussed on collaborating with us during the partnership.

The Montagu team brings a human element to their partnership with their portfolio companies, which is key to the success of an investment.

Marc Hämel

CEO, Nemera

More about Nemera

Case Studies


Servelec is a provider of healthcare and case management software to NHS trusts and local authorities with a focus on mental health, community care and interoperability


Nemera designs and manufactures a full range of drug delivery systems including asthma inhalers, insulin pens, auto-injectors and nasal pumps

Universal Investment

After tracking the business for almost three years, Montagu acquired Universal-Investment (“Universal”), the leading independent provider of management company and fund administration services in Germany and Luxembourg, in January 2017

Group 11

Supporting management teams

Buyouts are one of the most complex transactions for any business. Montagu support management throughout the whole process from beginning to end.

We have created the Buyout Guide – a practical, market-focussed and realistic guide for management teams thinking about preparing for, or in the middle of, a buyout.

A buyout is one exit strategy that a vendor might pursue once they have decided to sell their business, or a part of their business, but it is not always front of a vendor’s mind.

Getting anything started is always the hardest part. In a buyout process, however, the biggest challenge for management teams is to be a part of the process and protecting their and their business’s interests while also running their business.

There are lots of different parties involved in a buyout – from advisers to debt providers and each play an important part in the process. It is critical that a management team understands the role that each of these groups play so that they remain central to the transaction.

A buyout is financed with a combination of equity and debt. The ratios of these two methods of funding are managed by the investor, but it is important for management teams to understand what effects they will have on their business after a transaction.

The due diligence process is a central part of the Buyout approach to value creation. It provides an impartial review of a company’s operations, markets, strategy, financial performance and management to identify growth opportunities, as well as providing an independent verification of facts and assumptions.

The transaction has closed and now the hard work really begins. Fundamental to a successful partnership with a private equity investor is ensuring you have a strategy, agreed by both management and their investor, to reach the company’s full potential.

A relationship with a private equity investor does not last forever and at some point, the conversation with your private equity investor will move to exit. It is important for management teams to understand how to manage their and the investor’s objectives and how to execute an exit strategy.

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