Germany’s largest provider of tech-enabled claims processing.


Simplifying healthcare provision and payment through claim processing software and services for insurers

Healthcare & Tech-enablement

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Germany’s largest provider of tech-enabled claims processing, invoice auditing and billing preparation services for statutory health insurers. DAVASO’s software solutions are used to improve its internal operations as well as by other service providers to automate their own processes.

A Montagu business

  • Growing trend in the statutory health insurer market to outsourcing
  • Stability and growth in the wider healthcare market
  • DAVASO’s competitive advantage thanks to the digitisation of the healthcare invoicing process

Investing in growth

DAVASO’s value creation plan was focused on sales growth from demographic trends and a growing insurant base; investing in the business’s infrastructure and building on a successful M&A strategy to bolster its technology.

We exited the business in 2021