What sustainable investment means to us

Montagu looks to invest in businesses with motivated employees who are highly valued by their customers, respect the environment, are respected by their regulators, and are welcomed by the communities in which they operate.

Sustainable Investing is at the core of Montagu’s investment philosophy, purpose, and values. We recognise the role that Environmental, Social, and Governance (‘ESG’) issues have on the success of our investments, both positive and negative. We also recognise that private equity firms such as Montagu are in a unique position to bring lasting change to the world. We believe that this is a privilege, an obligation, and an important part of delivering superior financial returns to shareholders and our investors.

Montagu’s focus on healthcare & tech-enablement of essential businesses has led us to invest in companies that require rigorous good governance and compliance practices, have low environmental and social risk, and that present many opportunities for driving better fund returns from paying close attention to environmental and social issues.

Please refer to our approach for further information on how we consider ESG factors at each step of the investment lifecycle Our approach – Montagu.