Montagu’s Foundations for Good Governance

We believe that successful and value-creating ESG management is built on solid governance practices.

We have therefore developed a set of core governance and compliance principles (The Foundations for Good Governance), which form part of the assessment during onboarding. We work with our companies to close any existing gaps within 12 months of acquisition.  

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Committees​
    • Compliance & Risk Committee ​
    • Sustainability Committee​
    • Nomination and Remuneration Committee​
    • Audit and Tax Committee​
  • Senior Compliance Officer​
  • Nominated individual(s) responsible for ESG integration and/or each of the material ESG themes​


  • Code of Conduct (company-wide)​
  • Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability Policy​
  • Anti-bribery & Corruption Policy​
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy


  • Maintenance of Risk Register​
  • Whistle-blowing mechanism
  • Annual training on policies


  • Measure progress against core KPIs
  • Regular reporting to the Board, investors and other relevant stakeholders (where necessary)
  • Incident reporting to Montagu and other relevant stakeholders

The Foundations are based on our cumulative experience and best practice and are reviewed annually to reflect the latest guidance.