Focussing on what matters

Montagu’s focus in healthcare & tech-enablement of essential businesses means that we can identify key ESG focus areas that are relevant to the sectors that we invest in.

Based on our experience and standard industry materiality frameworks, we have identified nearly 30 ESG topics as part of our ESG register (in addition to the Foundations for Good Governance) that we assess new investments against, as part of the due diligence, onboarding, and annual reporting process. 

The material topics we identify for our portfolio companies depend on their specific sector, geography, and value chain.

However, the topics that are commonly material across our portfolio are:

  • Governance: Cyber security, ESG risks in the supply chain
  • Social: Talent attracting and retention, D&I (in operations and supply chains)
  • Environmental: Climate impact and risks

We provide portfolio-wide support on these key common themes. Find out more on what we do on climate and D&I specifically.

Every business is unique, and it is therefore important to understand any risks and opportunities unique to the business. We establish an ESG profile for each business and work with the companies to develop and implement an ESG action plan to adequately address material topics to minimize risk and maximise value. The action plans are underpinned by targets that allow us to measure progress over time