A Leading Manufacturer

St. Hubert

The French leading manufacturer of healthy spreads


New product lines


Market share for Omega 3 product

No. 1

French spread brand

The leading manufacturer of branded non-butter health spreads in France and Italy. St. Hubert has a wide product range including Omega 3, no salt and organic options.  Montagu acquired the business, founded in 1904, in 2012 from Dairy Crest plc.

A Montagu business

  • Strong market position – no. 2 in the French spread market and no. 1 in the attractive health spreads segment
  • Iconic brand with a loyal customer base – 87% brand recognition in France and 91% in Italy (Valle brand)

Investing in innovation

Montagu supported the St. Hubert management team invest in growth through new product innovation.  A number of new product lines were developed including plant-based yoghurts and drinks.  St. Hubert was also the first brand to launch a premium range of palm-oil free spreads.

This strategy increased St. Hubert’s market share and cemented its position as a pioneer, which made it attractive to a number of trade buyers at exit.

In January 2018, St. Hubert was sold to a consortium of trade buyers.  The consortium was led by Fosun International (Chinese conglomerate and investment company) and Beijing Sanyuan Foods (Chinese manufacturer and distributor of dairy products).