Leading Global Provider

ITRS Group

Ensuring operational resilience for “always on” environments where technology failure means business failure



Tier 1 Investment Banks


Annual revenue growth



ITRS Group is a leading global provider of real-time monitoring and analytics software for the “always on” enterprise, used by >3,000 clients globally to manage their operations and ensure operational resilience.

A Montagu business

  • Clear market leadership position in the attractive and resilient global IT monitoring market
  • Highly recurring subscription revenue from a large installed base of long-term customers
  • Strong incumbent management team with a solid track record of achieving growth organically and through M&A
  • Mission critical products that are highly embedded into customer workflows

Accelerating organic and acquistive growth

We are working in close partnership with the management team to:

  • Pursue selective strategic M&A to expand product, technical capabilities and geographical footprint
  • Further penetrate existing footprint and expand into new markets
  • Continue investments in product innovation and customer service to continue ITRS’ impressive track record of growth