A Leading Provider

Hansen Protection

Specialist in survival suits and personal protection suits




EBITDA growth

A leading provider of survival suits used in transport between land and offshore installations and personal protection suits for marine and hazardous environments. Hansen Protection (previously Helly Hansen Survival) was founded in 1995 as part of the Helly Hansen Group and we carved it out in 2011 allowing it to focus on its professional niche.

A Montagu business

  • The leading player in Norway with a strong market position in Denmark
  • Strong customer relationships with high quality service and product at the core
  • Favourable underlying market drivers

Supporting product development

We supported Hansen Protection:

  • Develop new products including the SeaWind survival suit
  • Strengthen its management team
  • Optimise the company‚Äôs manufacturing footprint and reduce product line complexity

Hansen had one natural trade buyer and Montagu engaged with them early to allow a level playing field for other potential bidders.  In July 2013, Montagu sold Hansen Protection to IK Investment Partners.