Miraclon, the home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions, is a leading provider of printing technology for the global packaging sector.

Miraclon, the home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions, is a leading provider of printing technology for the global packaging sector. It sells flexographic ‘consumable’ printing plates and the hardware that is used to prepare them. Its end customers include some of the world’s largest fast-moving consumer goods brands. Miraclon was previously the Flexographic Packaging Division of Eastman
Kodak Company.

Following the carve out from Eastman Kodak Company, ESG integration was established as part of the key priorities for the business. While Miraclon was already implementing initiatives and driving progress against ESG themes (e.g. to reduce waste and ink consumption, and print on thinner, lighter materials), it was looking to confirm its priorities using a data driven and analytical approach.

With support of Montagu, and sponsored by the Executive Leadership Team, Miraclon engaged a consultancy to help conduct an ESG Diagnostic and develop an ESG Action Plan.

The Diagnostic helped to determine and confirm three key ESG themes for Miraclon and its value chain, based on the significance of impact and Miraclon’s ability to influence change:

  1. Products: Product and Technology features that help customers meet their own sustainability goals, such as reducing packaging waste and supporting a circular economy
  2. Waste-reduction: Reduction in the waste associated with product packaging, to deliver benefits for both Miraclon and its customers
  3. Employee Processes: Redefine global, standardised processes to improve engagement, collaboration and effectiveness

The leadership team then developed an action plan that sets out the initiatives and targets to help drive progress against the three key priorities.

The ESG action plan was embedded into the wider business strategy. The complete Executive Leadership Team shares responsibility for the implementation of the action plan. Underpinned by KPIs, Miraclon will measure progress against its action plan to drive continuous improvements.

To support the implementation, Miraclon established three workstreams to drive the implementation of the action plan. The workstreams, which consist of a cross-functional teams, have each an Executive sponsor and a lead, who is most closely aligned with the relevant area of expertise. The teams regularly report progress to the board.

ESG is a key pillar in our business strategy: meeting the needs of our customers to grow with them through differentiated technology, and meeting the needs of our team to foster a collaborative, innovative growth culture

Chris Payne, CEO, Miraclon