Deep dive: In harmony with nature


The Arkopharma story began more than 40 years ago when Doctor Max Rombi decided to devote himself to his passion for natural medicine. Ever since, the company has grown remarkably to become a European leader within its field, combining science, innovation, and respect for the environment.

During Montagu’s ownership, Arkopharma has continued to work closely with its partners and suppliers to preserve natural resources, combat climate change, and protect biodiversity.

The company obtains its plants in two ways, through cultivation  (sowing, planting, cutting) or collection in the wild.

In 2020, Arkopharma purchased 88 tonnes of organic plants, and the company is well-aware of the strategic importance of having long-term access to high-quality plants. Its sustainability efforts include harvesting plants only when they are perfectly mature, in harmony with the inherent life cycle, ensuring that no pesticides are used and promoting organic, and where possible, local farming.

In addition to a supplier questionnaire, which includes questions related to the adoption of precautionary principles in the face of environmental concerns, the company also regularly carries out supplier audits and collaborates with inter-professional organisations, such as ITEIPMAI to promote sustainable farming practices. 80% of its suppliers are focused on producing organic plants.

Arkopharma plant suppliers/producers selection criteria:

  • The quality of their plants
  • Their knowledge and protection of the plant
  • Their cultivation and / or harvesting methods
  • Their production and collection capacity
  • Their tracing capacity and strict supply controls
  • Respect for the integrity of the local biotope
  • No modification of the plant

In 2020, Arkopharma further strengthened its environmental commitment by partnering with suppliers to reduce, reuse and recycle items used for packaging of raw materials to reduce waste.  Today, 85% of the primary packaging and 100% of the secondary packaging is recyclable.

Through its environmental initiatives, Arkopharma is contributing  to SDG 3, 13 and 15.

Helping customers and communities during the pandemic

As a response to Covid-19, Arkopharma dedicated one of its product lines to producing hydroalcoholic gel to help combat the virus. During the past year, the company has donated over 100,000 tubes to hospitals, firefighters, police, town halls, and elderly care homes.

As Arkopharma continues to grow, it is imperative that we safeguard the  environment. Nature – a source of  inspiration, exploration, and beauty is vital to our business model.  Our commitment is two-fold, as a  well-managed environment is  interlinked.